Femme Rose Beauty was founded in 2019 by longtime friends Nia Brown and Skylar Green with the goal of inspiring customers to radiate confidence and celebrate their unique beauty.

Our Mission

At Femme Rose Beauty we believe beauty begins with confidence. We are committed to making beauty accessible by bringing together quality products, first class service, and the highest standards to each and every customer. We aim to inspire our customers to radiate confidence and celebrate their unique beauty.

Our Lashes

Our lashes are sourced from multiple vendors for your satisfaction! Our curated collection consist of cruelty-free 100% mink lashes of the highest standard. All lashes in our collection were thoroughly tested to meet our quality standard of at least 25 wears.

Use & Care


Gently remove the lashes from the tray by holding the lash band. If necessary, gently groom lashes using an eyelash brush. Compare lash length with length of natural eye. Trim excess from the outer corner. Apply a thin layer of lash glue to the lash band. Let dry 10-20 seconds. Gently place strip close to your lash line. Secure both corners by pressing down.



Using fingers or tweezers, take the outer corner of lash and gently peel from skin.



Use fingers or tweezers to clean both strip lashes of any adhesive. Place lashes back on their tray in order to maintain their shape. Do not submerge lashes in water.


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